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About Our Fibroscan Service

FibroScan is a special ultrasound technology that measures liver stiffness (hardness) and fatty changes in your liver. It is a simple and painless, bedside procedure. These measurements help your healthcare provider learn more about your liver disease.

Here are some helpful terms to know related to your FibroScan results:

  • Fibrosis (fy-BROH-sis): Scarring in your liver.
  • Liver stiffness: Hardness of the liver related to liver scarring.
  • Fatty change: An abnormal buildup of fat in your liver.
  • Steatosis (STEE-uh-toh-sis): A condition caused by having too much fat in your liver.
  • CAP score: The way the percentage of fatty change in your liver is measured.

Fibrosis and steatosis are measured separately from one another.

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