Walk With a Doc

Join us for a unique experience where exercise meets health education and social engagement. Our doctors trade their white coats for walking shoes to bring health information right into the community during this monthly, hour-long programme.

Program Overview

Inspiring Communities Through Movement and Conversation

Each free event starts with a short discussion (10-15 minutes) on a specific health topic, led by our doctors. Participants are then encouraged to walk at their preferred pace and distance, to complete the rest of the hour, allowing for comfortable participation. Throughout the event, attendees engage in meaningful conversations, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared interest in creating a supportive, health-focused community.

Who Can Join?

Walk With a Doc is open to anyone interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re a patient, a family member, or someone just looking for a fun and low-impact outdoor activity (that is also free of charge), you’re welcome to join our walking family.

Our Goals

Promote Physical Activity

Encourage community members to engage in regular physical activity, highlighting walking as a simple yet effective exercise that can improve overall health.

Educate on Health Issues

Provide accurate, relevant, and easily understood health information directly from healthcare providers to the community, fostering a better understanding of various health topics.
To create a ripple effect in the community, so that our patients are encouraged to incorporate regular exercise into their lives, on a regular basis, beyond the WWAD events.

Foster a Supportive Community

Create a welcoming, inclusive environment that encourages camaraderie, mutual support, and shared health goals among participants.

Improve Accessibility to Health Professionals

Bridge the gap between health professionals and community members, providing an informal platform for sharing health advice and answering queries.

Questions ? You're Covered

Gain a clearer understanding of the Walk With a Doc program by exploring our Frequently Asked Questions. Here, you’ll discover essential information about participation, registration, bringing friends or family along, and what to wear and bring to our walking events.

Interested to Join? Chat with us to know more.

Don’t just hear about the benefits of walking from us, come experience it yourself! Take a meaningful stride towards better health by joining our Walk With a Doc program. Step by step, we’ll walk together on the path to vitality and well-being.
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